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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Rey Tobar

I was born and raised in a very small town where everyone knew each other. I was raised, somewhat catholic as we only went to church on certain holidays. My parents divorced when I was 14yrs of age, that is when things changed and I became a troubled teen. I experienced what divorce does to a family. I met Dora when I was 17 and we married within 3 months of meeting. I joined the military and we both experience military life. I then joined Law Enforcement and experience all walks of life and have seen how the enemy/satan destroys peoples lives. We have been blessed with 30yrs of marriage and we would love to share our experiences and allow The Holy Spirit to work through us to teach and bless others. We have learned that we can do nothing without Jesus. We need Jesus involved in everything we do.

Image by Evan Wise

Dora Tobar

Came from a background of having both parents present in my childhood, I left home at an early age of 14yrs to marry Rey Tobar. We have been married for 30yrs and God continues to teach me how to rely in Him and how to walk in truth and in love. I was brought up catholic when I was in grade school, then my mother joined the Jehovah's Witnesses and changed our believe system over night. I praise God for my husband who through him and using God's word I have been set free from sin and was delivered through repentance. With God the father and Jesus Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit, I can stand in full authority in my life over the  enemy. We are conquerors through the blood of Jesus Christ and with his help we will fulfill God's will through Marriages Restored In Faith

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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